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This guide will walk you through the installation process of the MineFortress mod on the server side. The guide is intended in the first place for server administrators, if you are looking for client-side installation refer to Installation guides.



You have any machine for a server with Java 17 support and JDK 17 installed.

You can check your Java version by running the following command in your terminal: java -version

Java installation guide is out of the scope of this guide.

General installation steps[edit]

  1. Follow the steps to download and install the Fabric Server Launcher.
  2. Download the MineFortress mod from the MineFortress website and place it in the `mods` folder.
  3. Run the server once to generate the necessary files. Example: java -Xmx2G -jar fabric-server-launcher.jar nogui
  4. Accept EULA by changing the `eula.txt` file to `eula=true` if you didn't do it before.
  5. Edit the `` file in a way discussed in the configuration step.
  6. Run the server again and enjoy the game.


To make the MineFortress mod work properly, you need to adjust the `` file. The following settings changes are required:




This is necessary to enable the MineFortress mod and to allow players to fly in fortress mod in the game. Any other settings can be adjusted according to your preferences.