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Welcome to MineFortress wiki

Hi and welcome to the official MineFortress Mod Wiki, your ultimate resource hub for all things related to the mod.

Right now, our wiki is like the foundation of a grand fortress, with the basic structure in place. But, much like a fortress, it needs to grow and evolve to become something truly magnificent. That's where you come in!

This is an open invitation to all MineFortress enthusiasts! We encourage you to join our community and contribute to the expansion of this wiki. Share your knowledge, insights, and discoveries with others. Create, articles, improve or edit existing ones, upload media, and contribute in any other way. You can see a lot of red links below, any of them can become a new page that you can create!

So don't hesitate to start right now, I won't be able to fill in all the information without you!

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MineFortress is the mod for Minecraft that will completely change the gameplay making it a Real-Time Strategy. You will need to manage the whole village using your mouse pointer, build houses, manage food, hire warriors, and conquer neighbor villages!

The main objective is the same as the objective in vanilla Minecraft - survive! However, you will survive in a group! You will take the role of a village leader, trying to grow the village, survive through monster raids and hunger, gain resource trade with other villages, or conquer them.




Official website

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Blueprints Portal

Dev builds



Installation Basics Gameplay Extras

Installation:Modrinth Launcher

Installation:Curseforge Launcher


Installation:Vanilla Minecraft

Installation:Server Configuration

Technical Information (Mod Loader, Requirements, Compatibility)

Getting Started


Guide:Getting food

Guide:Protecting your village

Survival vs Creative

Multiplayer gameplay

Resource Management

Professions System

Blueprints System

Food/Hunger System

Automation Areas

Combat System (Warriors)

Fortress Influence System

Accessing dev builds

MineFortress Addons